Driveline Department

Our Driveline Shop Specializes in Providing the Following Services:

  • Complete Custom Shaft
  • Re-Tube an existing damaged shaft
  • Shorten Existing Driveshaft to customer specifications
  • Complete 2 and 3 piece shafts for heavy duty applications
  • Race Application Shafts for Track, Strip and Street
  • New/Rebuilt Front 4X4 Constant Velocity Shaft’s
  • New/Rebuilt Aluminum shaft
  • Custom Limousine Shafts for 6 passenger all the way up to Limo Buses


All of our driveshafts are made/repaired with the best and highest quality products on the market from Dana/Spicer, Neapco, Meritor and AAM. All shafts are balanced on our high speed balancing machine, ensuring you will have trouble free operation of your vehicle.

Have a newer vehicle with a driveshaft that cannot be repaired? Don’t want to go to the dealer for one? We have access to aftermarket shafts to fit your vehicle that are less expensive and better quality than the dealership. They come with one year replacement warranty and are made with replaceable parts if repairs are ever needed down the road.

Dana Spicer Light and Heavy Duty

  • Complete line of Universal Joints, Driveshafts and Parts for most Application
  • Light Duty: Cars, Trucks, PTO driveshafts, Heavy Duty On & Off Highway
  • Industrial & Agriculture Driveshafts and Components
  • Four Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive, and All Wheel Drive
  • Dana Online Catalog

Whether you need Parts, Servicing, Replacement, or new applications we can help you find the right driveshafts and parts you need.

American Axle and Manufacturing

  • OEM Driveline and Axle Parts for Chrysler, Ford and GM Vehicles
  • AAM Catalog

Meritor Company

  • Complete line of Universal Joints, Driveshafts and Parts for Most Applications
  • Wing, Round and Plate Bearing Joints and Driveshaft Components
  • Light Duty
  • PTO Driveshaft Parts
  • Heavy Duty both On & Off Highway
  • Meritor Online Catalog

Neapco “The Driveline Company”

  • Auto, Truck, Farm Implement, Marine, Irrigation……If you need a driveshaft or components, Neapco has the solution
  • Hard to find Detroit-Dodge, GM, Toyota, Metric/Standard Agriculture Shafts and Components
  • Neapco Online Catalog