Hydraulics Department

Our Hydraulic Department offers the Following Services

  • Complete Diagnosis, Repair and or Replacement of you Hydraulic Pump
  • Complete Diagnosis, Repair and or Replacement of you Hydraulic Valve
  • Complete Diagnosis, Repair and or Replacement of you Hydraulic Motor
  • We make-up Hydraulic Hoses while you wait
  • We make-up Control Cables to order

Have a Hydraulic component and not sure exactly what it is, or where to have it fixed? Look no further put out extensive hydraulic knowledge to use and let us help you with your Hydraulic system needs.

We proudly carry the following brands in house:

Parker Hannifin Corporation

  • Your local Parker Truck Hydraulic Center meeting your mobile hydraulic needs with the industry leader, Parker Hannifin.
  • Complete Pumps, Motors and Parts
  • Commercial Replacement Pumps and Motors
  • Tyrone Chelsea Commercial Gear Pumps by Parker Hydraulics
  • Parker Gear Pump Catalog

Buyers Products Company

  • Towing and Cargo Control
  • Truck and Trailer Hardware
  • Rubber/Polymer Products
  • Dump Body Hardware – Air Valve and Cylinders, Controls, Cable and Cable Mounting Kits
  • Control Counsels
  • Don’t see what you need listed above? Give us a call and we can find what you need.
  • Buyers Product Catalog

Image result for apsco power

Apsco Power Company

  • Dump Pump Air actuators
  • Hydraulic Directional Valve Non-Metering Air Actuators
  • VM Series Controls and Consoles
  • AV PTO Controller
  • Apsco Online Catalog

American Mobile Power Hydraulic Tanks

Hydraulic Valves

Clutch Pump Under Hood Mounting Kits

  • Engine Mounts kids for Electric Clutch Pump
    • Chevy
    • Dodge
    • Ford
    • Freightliner
    • International/Navistar
    • Mitsubishi/Isuzu
  • We can get the right kit to mount a Chelsea Electric Clutch pump by Parker
  • Ideal solution for Automatic transmission with not P.T.O. opening
  • Kits Manufactured by C W Mill Equipement
  • Application Catalog

Ogura Electric Clutch

  • Ogura mobile electric clutches provide reliable performance in many long life applications where electromagnetic clutches are key.
  • Made for hydraulic pumps (clutch pump)
  • Ogura Online Catalog

Ramsey Winch Company

  • Wide Range of Electric Industrial Winches
  • Wide Range of Hydraulic Winches
  • Wide Range of Mechanical Winches
  • Front Mount Electric Consumer Winches
  • Front Mount Bumpers and Grill Guards of Electric Winches
  • Quick Mount Electric Winches and Adapters
  • As an Authorized Warranty and Service Center of Ramsey Winches, we can help repair your winch no matter where you purchased it.
  • Ramsey Online Catalog